Friday, June 5, 2009

What a novel idea!

I know I haven't been posting this week, I've had a hectic week at work. I started in a new dept and I'm also working longer days in order to bank time to have every other friday off! Anyways, this week has sucked my food and excercise has sucked. I hurt my neck and it's been sore all week! I'm going to a sports massage therapy appt tomorrow and hopefully that will do the trick! I've also got hikes planned with the bf for the weekend, so that will be good!

This lady at work, she took over my desk and has lost 50lbs, she told me she limited her cals to 1,400 - 1,600 a day and only walks for 20mins per day. First off I'm thinking 20 mins per day of WALKING?? I do that just to and from my car on any given day going to work and that many calories? And she's lost that much??

So I started thinking about my progress, how I haven't had any really... I am too one side of the "scale" or the other. So my new thing is going to be just ATLEAST 20 mins of excercise / per day (prob be more) and eat 1,400 cals during the week and 1,600 on weekends, which is totally reasonable!

My beck thing hasn't been great, I'm going to re-read it this weekend and really get FOCUSED. I'm also planning out all my meals for next week and sunday and not going to stray. It's going to be very "eat clean". I've had some stomach issues as of late and I think it might be due to processed foods!

Will post again soon ,


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