Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hump Day!

Today has started off great, I got up earrrrly and went to the gym. Had my personal trainer and had a really great work out! I feel awesome! Had a bit of a slip up with have tim hortons yesterday, but I've tracked it and moved on.

Today I have planned my food and am going for a hike with my papa bear after work!

Today's menu:

B - Nutella with WW toast = 200
Workout 1 hr, weights and cardio = -700
S - Banana - 70, almonds 100, cantelope 70
L - Turkey sandwich with WW bread - 300 , fibre 1 bar 140, rice pudding 70
S - Apple 70, hummus 100, carrots 30, pita 90
D - Chicken , rice, peas - 350
S - Oreo 100 cal

Total calories = 1,690, total work out calories burned = 700 so far

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

So I'm thinking this is going to be a long week! I just wish it to be over haha.

I had an interview at work today and I think it went really well!

I didn't get out for a really long walk today as per it's raining, but I'm going to dance class after work.

I had a moment of weakness today and ate some timbits like 10, it was ridiculous and I don't know what was going through my head, like 800 calories later. Blerggg.

Anyways, todays menu, so far:

B - Toast with nutella - 200
S - Rice pudding (70), vita muffin (100)
L - Turkey sandwich with WW bread - 250, all bran bites (100)
S - 10 timbits (700) , tea biscuit (200)
D - Chicken, peas, rice (350)
S - 100 cal oreo (100)

Total 2070, activities dance (600) , walking (150)

2070 -1970 (BMR) - 600 - 150 = calorie deficit = 650

Monday, April 27, 2009

Manic Mondays

So it's Monday, the weekend has come and gone too quickly!! I tried to make healthy choices this weekend, we went out to eat A LOT because it was bf's bday... I picked a lot of chicken etc.. but I still could have done better! I got in Zumba on Friday though and walked for hours on Saturday in T.O. Today it's Monday and I'm going to start putting all my food/activities on here!
My new 'weigh in' day is Tuesday, which I'm going to be awesome! I'm super pumped about it, because I'm doing it with my buddy on the boards!

Today's menu/activities!

B - Oatmeal (170) , banana (100)
S - SF jello rice pudding (70) , activia cheese (90), vita muffin (100)
L - Turkey sandwich on WW bread with lettuce and cheese (250)
S - Hummus and carrots and pita bread (220) , apple (70)
D - Pita pizza (350)
S - Oreo ice cream (100) , popcorn (100)

= 1620 calories
40 min walk, bike ride, 20 mins weights

Friday, April 24, 2009


Oh sweet Friday, every week I think I won't make it, but here you are in your gloriousness!!

I'm so happy it's Friday, I've had another debbie downer week, but I'm feeling pretty good today. I have been pretty good with my food this week, nothing crappy ate, but I didn't track or control my portions as much as I should have, but meh.

I also didn't really work out, I went for walks, but I'm more intense normally. I didn't go to kickboxing or anything this week. I am going to Zumba tonight and a weights class tomorrow and for a hike on sunday, so maybe the last 3 days of the week, I'm picking up my slack. 3 days a week is still pretty respectable, even though I'd like for it to be 5.

The last couple days I've been talking to a new girl on the boards, shouts out on my blog and I think it's really going to help making each other accountable. I am excited about it and I'm just overall happy that I have that weight loss board because it does get me through the tough times! Thank you ladies!!

This week has been stressful for different reasons, but I'm optimistic that after next week or so, it will be better. I am currently trying to get another job (within the same company), I have an interview next week, that I am kinda nervy about (in general I hate interviews), I'm also looking for a place for bf and I to live and it's been stressful because I'm the one doing it as he is away at school still and he doesn't want to move out until august 1st as he's still going to have his other place and all the places for rent are June 1st, so it's been trying to say the least!

Anyways, the weekend is here (well in 6 hours, but whos counting) and I'm excited for that, I'm going to zumba tonight with one of my best friends and then off to T.O tomorrow!

Friday, April 17, 2009


Friday, Friday, Friday! I never thought you would get here. This week started off rocky. Then Wednesday came around and after I had a good chat with my trainer, it started to get better. I have made time for myself and have been treating myself and my body well. Last night instead of getting into this huge discussion with my aunt about my uncle and the divorce, I came home from work, changed and went for a long walk along the trails at my favourite park. I then went to my weight loss meeting and had my first WI. It wasn't pretty, but a good starting point. A lot of the ladies at my meeting were older, but sweet. I might try out some different ones before settling down though.

I've also decided I'm going to start writing down my food and activities here.

So here it goes.

Before work out snack - banana (100)
Workout - 1 hr weights/cardio with trainer, 20 mins eliptical afterwards (burned 700)
"Breakfast" - Protein shake (350) , Vita muffin (100)
Snack - Activia Cheese (90), FF Jello pudding (70)
Lunch - Pita (400)
S - Apple (70), almonds (100)
D - Home made pizza (500)
S - FF popcorn (100 cal pack)

Total 1880, so far excercise total 700 , which equals 800 calorie deficit for today.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sunny days!

So yesterday I got back on the excercise wagon. I had a personal training sesh that nearly killed me... I had a good chat with her though about everything that's been going on and how to cope. She said that because I am an emotional eater that I should combat this with excercise to even it out, which is true. She said that I have to start taking time for ME and get out of the toxic household that I'm in! SO I think I might going to night classes at the gym, even though I prefer going before work, just to get out of the house at night. Yes, my house is that lame that I would rather be at the gym than home haha.

I start a weight loss group tonight, I'm kinda nervy about going. Not sure what to expect, but I think it would be good for me. Plus I get weighed in weekly, which is something I need. I think it will be good because it focuses on emotional eating and dealing with it, which is something I need!

My bf is coming down tomorrow, which I'm looking forward to. I will be so happy when he moves back, long distance is balls.

Monday, April 13, 2009


So Easter weekend wasn't as good as it should have been, I went to visit my bf and we ate out a lot. Last night I got home and once again I had to deal with everything at my house, the events of the weekend etc.. My aunt confronted me about being upset and saying that I haven't been eating that great which was true.

I have been having a really bad couple of weeks, at home, at work and it's just been overall crappy. I also miss my mother dearly who I'm coming up to the 9 year anniversary of her passing away :(

BUT after another bad night last night, I decided that I am done wallowing and I'm going to go for what I want to be more fit and have more energy! I love working out and going to classes and I love eating well. I actually don't even like most junk foods anymore, it's more psychological because I think that by eating it, it will help me emotionally, which is a severely skewed vision.

I'm back on track today, back to kicking ass at the gym and kickboxing tonight!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Downward spiral

I don't know what is up with me lately. I keep thinking weight loss is what I want and what I dream of and I keep coming up short. I have been excercising, but with my food I've been bad and I don't even know why because I hate the way crappy food makes me feel sick. It's like I've been needing to fill some sort of void. Yes, I am an emotional eater. My aunt and uncle , my adopted parents for all intents and purposes are going through a very messy divorce and it's been affecting me a lot. I also go screwed over for a job at work because the other candidate was friends with the supervisor and I felt totally set up. Anywayssss I know food isn't the answer, but lately apparently it has been.

I know this has gotta turn around because I want to be comfortable for summer and not unhappy and overweight!

I think I might start tracking everything for my next day and then check it off, instead of allowing myself variables and getting in atleast 30mins of excercise per day.