Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday mornings

Well it's Monday morning, the weather is still blah and it's starting to really annoy me! Why can't we have some nice summer weather! Don't us Canadians deserve it after the hellish winters mother nature puts us through??? I mean COME ONNNNN.

This weeked was good, I didn't do a whole lot, but I got out shopping with my friend and went on a double date to see the Ugly truth, which was okay, it was really crude though, it seemed as though the jokes were made for 14 year old boys! But Gerard is delish to look at, so it wasn't all bad, haha.

I had a good weight wise weekend, my only treat was a home made pizza, which was made with all kinds of veggies and chicken, so it wasn't that bad. I also went to the movies without buying snacks! This is a big step for me, as I LOVE movie popcorn, but I looked up the NI and it was like 30 grams of fat for a small, so I just couldn't do it. Instead I packed a G2 Orange gatorade, which is only 60 cals for the whole thing and I was actually satisfied. The past couple weeks I've actually been *listening* to my body and no longer just feeding it because I want, but now it's because I need it! I honestly don't get cravings like I used to, which has been great. And other than being sick and my stomach acting up a bit, I feel great.

Yesterday I went to an 1hr Yoga class at the gym after doing the eliptical and I was sweating buckets, but I did it. It's weird to get out of Yoga and then back into it, It's SO SO much harder. I guess that goes for everything, but it felt great after it was done and I followed that up with a swim and a steam.

Yesterdays menu was :
B - Vita muffin
A - Eliptical, Yoga, Swim
L - Naan bread w/hummus , vegetable soup
S - Vita muffin top, graham crackers
D - Chicken sandwich
S - Organic animal cookies, rice pudding, apple juice

Today's menu is:
B - Organic oatmeal w/flax
S - Vita muffin top
L - Chicken sandwich, salad, carrot sticks
S - Watermelon, apple , apple sauce
D - Turkey breast , mini potatoes, asparagus, mushrooms
S - 100 cal popcorn

A- BL bootcamp, walking. Perhaps Zumba if I feel good enough after work!


Saturday, July 25, 2009


The last 2 weeks I have been on track. I got sick and am now taking care of myself! I lost 3.5lbs this week, which I'm very happy about. My food has been great. I'm not as hungry and don't have cravings like I did before. My bf for the most part has been supportive of the new low fat diet, but he ordered pizza the other day, got chocolate bars etc.. so that is kinda annoying as he's trying to lose weight as well! I've also been working out. Doing every other day BL bootcamp and then walks everyday for cardio.

Heres what my menu looks like for today;

Bootcamp - A
Organic cinnimon oatmeal w/ 1tsp flax and banana - B
Walk - A
Mushroom soup, naan bread w/hummus - L
Homemade healthy pizza w/ chicken, asparagus, mushrooms - D
Snacks - TBD

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hump day

Today is hump day, I'm so happy that it is Wednesday as tomorrow is my "Friday", I have the real one off! I'm going to try and tackle the warehouse lulu lemon sale in Hamilton (it's at the convention centre if any of you fellow bloggers were looking to go). I'm feeling a bit better today, my stomach is still a bit painful, but I'm keeping positive! I went grocery shopping last night and got all healthy stuff and had a list of things that would help with my stomach, so I picked that up!

It is really ironic that if I had of just ate this way and kept the weight off and excercised regularly that this wouldn't have happened, I mean it could still have, but I definatly gave it a boost with all the crap I have consumed the past couple months! However that is behind me now and I'm on track, like REALLY on track. 1) I have no choice, I will make myself sicker if I eat crap 2) Now that I have been off processed crap for over a week, I no longer crave it and I'm A LOT less hungry througout the day. I was such a grazer and snacker and it made me eat more than I needed!

I really have started to believe that food is fuel, we are what we eat blah, blah, blah whatever cliche you want. But it's TRUE! You eat well , you feel GOOD!

I totally planned on photographing my meals today, but my camera on my camera phone makes this noise that I can't turn off and I'm in a quiet office... so I will try and figure that out and maybe tomorrow I will paparatzi my food!

Menu today:

B - Organic cinnimon oatmeal with 1tbsp of organic golden flax seed
S - Apple, Apple Juice
L - Salad with romaine/spinach with cukes, chick peas and olive oil dressing & chicken noodle soup
S - Watermelon
D - Chicken, asparagus, mushrooms with red sauce over angel hair pasta
S - Low cal strawberry jello, possilby 100 cal pack of FF popcorn!

A - Walk to and from work, walk at lunch and hopefully yoga after work!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Back to work

So today I am back to work. I took yesterday off because I felt sick and had to go to the drs again, I found out what was wrong with me and now I have to wait for surgery, so I'm feeling anxious as I hate the Dr and even more so hate the hospital, but I just want this fixed. They say they're so back logged that it could take months. blah.

On the brightside (if there is one) I've been eating well and excercising. Yesterday I did a 8K walk. This morning before work I did 20 mins of Jillains new boost your metabolism dvd.

On the menu today...

B - Organic cinnimon oatmeal
S - Apple juice, banana
L - Pasta with a bit of cheese, watermelon
S - Apple , a few almonds
D - Chicken, vegs
S - light strawberry jello

A - 20 min jilly in morning, walk on lunch, walk after work, walk to and from work.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


So last night I went to a birthday party full of alcohol, cake, chips etc.. and I didn't have one chip! I would like to say it was all due to self control, but mostly it was because I didn't want to make myself sicker! It was a pretty good feeling afterwards knowing that I can make it through a party and have a good time without having any of the crap! The party was fun, then at about 11:30 when everyone was heading downtown I had to go home with bf because I was feeling so sick. I was lucky I lived down the street as I was hobbling along with an extremely sore stomach and nausea.

I am not enjoying being sick, it sucks. But after all is said and done and it's gone in 2 or so weeks, I think that I will have benefited because I was on a downward spiral of not caring for myself. I have forced myself to go out for walks the past 2 days even though I was feeling sick because it's gooooood for me. I haven't' been eating much but making good choices because it's'goooood for me. I am ready "are you ready" by bob harper and it says to start treating your body like a temple... which I really needed to start doing!

Today I've ate :

B - Toast , apple

L - piece of naan bread , graham crackers

D - 1/2 piece of chicken, mashed potatoes

Activity - walking

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bad blogger

I have been terrible for blogging. I am a blog creeper, I read everyone elses, but haven't been blogging myself.

I have had a busy past couple of weeks, I changed jobs, trying to get used to that. I was on holidays (went to a cottage for a week, horrible weather, but still had fun) then I moved in with my bf ! A huge step. Food was bad up until after we moved in together. I guess I saw it as not having control over being able to binge eat after we live together, not wanting to do that in front of my bf. I am a closet eater / food hider, whatever you want to call it! But anyways, after all of that stressfullness was out of the way, I was ready to get back into the swing of things!

I now have stomach problems, they think it might be an ulcer, but who knows. So I really have to watch my food extra carefully. Very bland foods, breads, gingerale etc... I haven't been eating a whole lot.

Last week I lost 1.2lbs weighed in on Thursday morning! Not a whole lot, but I think it will be more next week seeing as I'm not eating a whole lot and I got out for a walk today!

I will be posting more, I promise... I know it must seem like an empty promise seeing as I believe I said this last post, but I will be! I also need to figure out an inconspicuous way to take pictures at my desk at lunch!