Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hump day

Today is hump day, I'm so happy that it is Wednesday as tomorrow is my "Friday", I have the real one off! I'm going to try and tackle the warehouse lulu lemon sale in Hamilton (it's at the convention centre if any of you fellow bloggers were looking to go). I'm feeling a bit better today, my stomach is still a bit painful, but I'm keeping positive! I went grocery shopping last night and got all healthy stuff and had a list of things that would help with my stomach, so I picked that up!

It is really ironic that if I had of just ate this way and kept the weight off and excercised regularly that this wouldn't have happened, I mean it could still have, but I definatly gave it a boost with all the crap I have consumed the past couple months! However that is behind me now and I'm on track, like REALLY on track. 1) I have no choice, I will make myself sicker if I eat crap 2) Now that I have been off processed crap for over a week, I no longer crave it and I'm A LOT less hungry througout the day. I was such a grazer and snacker and it made me eat more than I needed!

I really have started to believe that food is fuel, we are what we eat blah, blah, blah whatever cliche you want. But it's TRUE! You eat well , you feel GOOD!

I totally planned on photographing my meals today, but my camera on my camera phone makes this noise that I can't turn off and I'm in a quiet office... so I will try and figure that out and maybe tomorrow I will paparatzi my food!

Menu today:

B - Organic cinnimon oatmeal with 1tbsp of organic golden flax seed
S - Apple, Apple Juice
L - Salad with romaine/spinach with cukes, chick peas and olive oil dressing & chicken noodle soup
S - Watermelon
D - Chicken, asparagus, mushrooms with red sauce over angel hair pasta
S - Low cal strawberry jello, possilby 100 cal pack of FF popcorn!

A - Walk to and from work, walk at lunch and hopefully yoga after work!

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