Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Back to work

So today I am back to work. I took yesterday off because I felt sick and had to go to the drs again, I found out what was wrong with me and now I have to wait for surgery, so I'm feeling anxious as I hate the Dr and even more so hate the hospital, but I just want this fixed. They say they're so back logged that it could take months. blah.

On the brightside (if there is one) I've been eating well and excercising. Yesterday I did a 8K walk. This morning before work I did 20 mins of Jillains new boost your metabolism dvd.

On the menu today...

B - Organic cinnimon oatmeal
S - Apple juice, banana
L - Pasta with a bit of cheese, watermelon
S - Apple , a few almonds
D - Chicken, vegs
S - light strawberry jello

A - 20 min jilly in morning, walk on lunch, walk after work, walk to and from work.

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