Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bad blogger

I have been terrible for blogging. I am a blog creeper, I read everyone elses, but haven't been blogging myself.

I have had a busy past couple of weeks, I changed jobs, trying to get used to that. I was on holidays (went to a cottage for a week, horrible weather, but still had fun) then I moved in with my bf ! A huge step. Food was bad up until after we moved in together. I guess I saw it as not having control over being able to binge eat after we live together, not wanting to do that in front of my bf. I am a closet eater / food hider, whatever you want to call it! But anyways, after all of that stressfullness was out of the way, I was ready to get back into the swing of things!

I now have stomach problems, they think it might be an ulcer, but who knows. So I really have to watch my food extra carefully. Very bland foods, breads, gingerale etc... I haven't been eating a whole lot.

Last week I lost 1.2lbs weighed in on Thursday morning! Not a whole lot, but I think it will be more next week seeing as I'm not eating a whole lot and I got out for a walk today!

I will be posting more, I promise... I know it must seem like an empty promise seeing as I believe I said this last post, but I will be! I also need to figure out an inconspicuous way to take pictures at my desk at lunch!



  1. Welcome back! Tell your work colleagues that you are making a cook book so thats why you need the pics of all your food, lol!

  2. Thanks haha, the person I sit with is so nosey that she would prob ask me for the book LOL!