Monday, August 31, 2009


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Thursday, August 27, 2009

On track

I am so on track this week. I signed up for "", which is bob harpers website, so I've been logging all my food there. What I like about the food journal is that you can just log calories, other sites you have to know all of the food components (which is good) but hard when you're at work and trying to track etc... but anyways, it's a super fun site and he usually has "challenges", food/activity/psychology challenges, which are fun. Next time he posts one (I think he's on vacation right now cause there hasnt been any) I will post it, so we can all partake!

I also decided I need to FACE THE SCALE . I need to stop not weighing myself. It's not that I'm gaining, it was that I was staying the same or getting 0. - something weight loss and it FRUSTERATES ME!

Excercise has just been walking as I've had a sore stomach and fever for the past couple days, which sucks! I seem to be getting the worse end of the stick for gallbladder symptoms!

Have any of you have to have your gallbladder out? Does it get any better???

Monday, August 24, 2009


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Case of the Mondays'

Last night I was optimistic that this week would be better than last, but apparently I was wrong.

To give you a quick recap of last week, my dog, my sweet lovely dog that I've had since I was 7 passed away. I am heartbroken, she was more than a dog to me, I would have done anything for her. It makes me so sad and brings up past feelings of lost. I unfortunatly have dealt with a lot of loss in my life. That happened, plus I've been feeling really sick, I have to go for surgery in September and the symptoms keep on coming. I now get fevers and nausea.

Fast forward to today, I wake up in the morning hop out of bed, the towel rack breaks, the water in my shower is cold, I'm 5 minutes late for work. Then I get to work to discover that no one did the pending work I had for Friday (I get every other friday off) and even though I did everyones work for Thursday and do double the work for the past week and a half because someone is on holidays. I was so mad. I haven't even been able to start anything new because I'm still working through this hellish mess.

I've been eating well, trying to not irritate my stomach. I haven't been getting enough excercise in though because I've been so tired/fevered etc.. I'm trying to go to Zumba tonight with one of my best friends, although I feel like ass now, so I hope in 2 hrs some miracle happens and I can go!


B - Cornflakes w/ almond milk
S - Banana
L - Turkey sandwich w/watermelon
S - ?
D - left over turkey pot pie w/potatoes and asparagus
A - Hopefully zumba + walking

Thats all for today! Hopefully I will be more cheerful and less ragey tomorrow lol. xo

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Go Big or Go Home?

I have a really bad all or nothing attitude! When it's all it's fantastic, I go to the gym almost everyday , sometimes twice a day and am very on track with food. I was a gym rat and want to be one again. I was at the gym last night and I realized that I *gasp* like working out. I missed it, so it's something I'm definatly going to do a lot more. I just need to regulate it, so I don't burn out and stop going all together, that is the key. My food has been pretty good, getting better. I'm finding the things that don't irritate my stomach, which is good and I re-found a love.. cornflakes. I feel like I'm a cornflakes commercial today between this post and on the boards LOL. I got them last night as my oatmeal has been making me feel sick and I had them with a bit of almond milk this morning and it was sooooo good! My food has been awesome today, if I do say so myself. I'm also hoping bf is less lazy tonight and will go out walking or tennis with me after we go get groceries!


B - Cornflakes w/ almond milk
S - Vita muffin
L - Chicken sandwich, watermelon, apple
S - Almonds
D - Corn on the cobb and chicken
S - TBD , probs 100 cal popcorn

A - Some form of cardio whether outside (if humidity isn't a killer) or at gym.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I was so stressed out today. I messed up something at work, it was very minimal, but I am a worrier! I was also worried because I had a follow up appt with my dr after work! I hate the dr! I found out what was wrong with me, I have to have surgery, so I have that booked. I also have to go get a catscan, so I'm not looking forward to that. My surgeon is a huge d-bag too, but I heard that most surgeons are??

As for food it has been pretty good, I've had a couple homemade healthy cookies, but other than that it's been pretty on track.

As for excercise it's been a lot of walking/hiking, so that's good.

I'm going to get up and start doing 30 day shred again tomorrow morning! I'm also going to try and get to spin tomorrow too!

How do you guys deal with stress?? I usually eat, but that's no longer an option!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I've read a lot about goal setting lately, blogs, articles, books etc.. I have thought about this and have thought of what I want my goals to be:

Long term - I want to weigh 178lbs by May 7th 2010 - I know this is a lofty, but doable goal. I am in a bridal party in Mexico and want to be comfortable in a bathing suit. This means I have to lose 80lbs, which is 2lbs /week for 40 weeks. I watched X-Weighted last night and there were a pair of sisters on there that lost 50 in 6 months and I think I can do this.

Long term Fitness goal - I want to run in a 10K by next June, which means I will be fitting some 5K in my short term goals, I also want to rock climb. I want to start indoor next May after I get back from my vacation and then possibly by the end of summer, early fall do a small rock climb outdoors.

Short term weight related goal I want to be in the 230's - 240's by the end of August. The ideal would be me losing 10 - 15lbs in the month of august. I have WI on Thursday, so hopefully it will put a dent in that.

Short term fitness goal - Work out atleast 3X/wk for weights, 2X/wk Yoga, all the time walking, cardio, hopefully starting up the couch to 5 k program again.

What are your goals? Long or short term or both?!

Recently I've had some health issues and it's made me realize how much I don't want my weight to become an issue. All this years it's been easy (well not easy to carry around or be comfortable), but I have been lucky enough not to have health issues. Now that I have or am going through it, it's made me really conscious of what I'm putting into my body. It's also made me realize that we need to excercise, whether it just be going for walks for our bodies/our hearts.

I really liked the quote on my BL day calender today it is " It's important to accept where you are today. If you appreciate each point in your journey, you'll harness the positive energy it takes to achieve your goal weight" - BL success secrets.

Do you appreciate your weight loss journey or is just a race to the finish line ?

Menu/activity today

B- Bread w/ organic strawberry jam
S - Vita muffin , 10 almonds
L - Tuna sandwich, Salad , Apple sauce
S - Watermelon, Strawberries,
D - Chicken cream of mushroom casserole
S - Apple juice, 100 cal popcorn

A - Walking to and from work, walk on lunch, 30 day shred at home later.