Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Go Big or Go Home?

I have a really bad all or nothing attitude! When it's all it's fantastic, I go to the gym almost everyday , sometimes twice a day and am very on track with food. I was a gym rat and want to be one again. I was at the gym last night and I realized that I *gasp* like working out. I missed it, so it's something I'm definatly going to do a lot more. I just need to regulate it, so I don't burn out and stop going all together, that is the key. My food has been pretty good, getting better. I'm finding the things that don't irritate my stomach, which is good and I re-found a love.. cornflakes. I feel like I'm a cornflakes commercial today between this post and on the boards LOL. I got them last night as my oatmeal has been making me feel sick and I had them with a bit of almond milk this morning and it was sooooo good! My food has been awesome today, if I do say so myself. I'm also hoping bf is less lazy tonight and will go out walking or tennis with me after we go get groceries!


B - Cornflakes w/ almond milk
S - Vita muffin
L - Chicken sandwich, watermelon, apple
S - Almonds
D - Corn on the cobb and chicken
S - TBD , probs 100 cal popcorn

A - Some form of cardio whether outside (if humidity isn't a killer) or at gym.

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