Thursday, August 27, 2009

On track

I am so on track this week. I signed up for "", which is bob harpers website, so I've been logging all my food there. What I like about the food journal is that you can just log calories, other sites you have to know all of the food components (which is good) but hard when you're at work and trying to track etc... but anyways, it's a super fun site and he usually has "challenges", food/activity/psychology challenges, which are fun. Next time he posts one (I think he's on vacation right now cause there hasnt been any) I will post it, so we can all partake!

I also decided I need to FACE THE SCALE . I need to stop not weighing myself. It's not that I'm gaining, it was that I was staying the same or getting 0. - something weight loss and it FRUSTERATES ME!

Excercise has just been walking as I've had a sore stomach and fever for the past couple days, which sucks! I seem to be getting the worse end of the stick for gallbladder symptoms!

Have any of you have to have your gallbladder out? Does it get any better???

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