Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I've read a lot about goal setting lately, blogs, articles, books etc.. I have thought about this and have thought of what I want my goals to be:

Long term - I want to weigh 178lbs by May 7th 2010 - I know this is a lofty, but doable goal. I am in a bridal party in Mexico and want to be comfortable in a bathing suit. This means I have to lose 80lbs, which is 2lbs /week for 40 weeks. I watched X-Weighted last night and there were a pair of sisters on there that lost 50 in 6 months and I think I can do this.

Long term Fitness goal - I want to run in a 10K by next June, which means I will be fitting some 5K in my short term goals, I also want to rock climb. I want to start indoor next May after I get back from my vacation and then possibly by the end of summer, early fall do a small rock climb outdoors.

Short term weight related goal I want to be in the 230's - 240's by the end of August. The ideal would be me losing 10 - 15lbs in the month of august. I have WI on Thursday, so hopefully it will put a dent in that.

Short term fitness goal - Work out atleast 3X/wk for weights, 2X/wk Yoga, all the time walking, cardio, hopefully starting up the couch to 5 k program again.

What are your goals? Long or short term or both?!

Recently I've had some health issues and it's made me realize how much I don't want my weight to become an issue. All this years it's been easy (well not easy to carry around or be comfortable), but I have been lucky enough not to have health issues. Now that I have or am going through it, it's made me really conscious of what I'm putting into my body. It's also made me realize that we need to excercise, whether it just be going for walks for our bodies/our hearts.

I really liked the quote on my BL day calender today it is " It's important to accept where you are today. If you appreciate each point in your journey, you'll harness the positive energy it takes to achieve your goal weight" - BL success secrets.

Do you appreciate your weight loss journey or is just a race to the finish line ?

Menu/activity today

B- Bread w/ organic strawberry jam
S - Vita muffin , 10 almonds
L - Tuna sandwich, Salad , Apple sauce
S - Watermelon, Strawberries,
D - Chicken cream of mushroom casserole
S - Apple juice, 100 cal popcorn

A - Walking to and from work, walk on lunch, 30 day shred at home later.


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  1. Great goal... good luck meeting them. You can do it.