Sunday, July 19, 2009


So last night I went to a birthday party full of alcohol, cake, chips etc.. and I didn't have one chip! I would like to say it was all due to self control, but mostly it was because I didn't want to make myself sicker! It was a pretty good feeling afterwards knowing that I can make it through a party and have a good time without having any of the crap! The party was fun, then at about 11:30 when everyone was heading downtown I had to go home with bf because I was feeling so sick. I was lucky I lived down the street as I was hobbling along with an extremely sore stomach and nausea.

I am not enjoying being sick, it sucks. But after all is said and done and it's gone in 2 or so weeks, I think that I will have benefited because I was on a downward spiral of not caring for myself. I have forced myself to go out for walks the past 2 days even though I was feeling sick because it's gooooood for me. I haven't' been eating much but making good choices because it's'goooood for me. I am ready "are you ready" by bob harper and it says to start treating your body like a temple... which I really needed to start doing!

Today I've ate :

B - Toast , apple

L - piece of naan bread , graham crackers

D - 1/2 piece of chicken, mashed potatoes

Activity - walking

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