Friday, April 17, 2009


Friday, Friday, Friday! I never thought you would get here. This week started off rocky. Then Wednesday came around and after I had a good chat with my trainer, it started to get better. I have made time for myself and have been treating myself and my body well. Last night instead of getting into this huge discussion with my aunt about my uncle and the divorce, I came home from work, changed and went for a long walk along the trails at my favourite park. I then went to my weight loss meeting and had my first WI. It wasn't pretty, but a good starting point. A lot of the ladies at my meeting were older, but sweet. I might try out some different ones before settling down though.

I've also decided I'm going to start writing down my food and activities here.

So here it goes.

Before work out snack - banana (100)
Workout - 1 hr weights/cardio with trainer, 20 mins eliptical afterwards (burned 700)
"Breakfast" - Protein shake (350) , Vita muffin (100)
Snack - Activia Cheese (90), FF Jello pudding (70)
Lunch - Pita (400)
S - Apple (70), almonds (100)
D - Home made pizza (500)
S - FF popcorn (100 cal pack)

Total 1880, so far excercise total 700 , which equals 800 calorie deficit for today.

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