Monday, April 27, 2009

Manic Mondays

So it's Monday, the weekend has come and gone too quickly!! I tried to make healthy choices this weekend, we went out to eat A LOT because it was bf's bday... I picked a lot of chicken etc.. but I still could have done better! I got in Zumba on Friday though and walked for hours on Saturday in T.O. Today it's Monday and I'm going to start putting all my food/activities on here!
My new 'weigh in' day is Tuesday, which I'm going to be awesome! I'm super pumped about it, because I'm doing it with my buddy on the boards!

Today's menu/activities!

B - Oatmeal (170) , banana (100)
S - SF jello rice pudding (70) , activia cheese (90), vita muffin (100)
L - Turkey sandwich on WW bread with lettuce and cheese (250)
S - Hummus and carrots and pita bread (220) , apple (70)
D - Pita pizza (350)
S - Oreo ice cream (100) , popcorn (100)

= 1620 calories
40 min walk, bike ride, 20 mins weights

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