Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Downward spiral

I don't know what is up with me lately. I keep thinking weight loss is what I want and what I dream of and I keep coming up short. I have been excercising, but with my food I've been bad and I don't even know why because I hate the way crappy food makes me feel sick. It's like I've been needing to fill some sort of void. Yes, I am an emotional eater. My aunt and uncle , my adopted parents for all intents and purposes are going through a very messy divorce and it's been affecting me a lot. I also go screwed over for a job at work because the other candidate was friends with the supervisor and I felt totally set up. Anywayssss I know food isn't the answer, but lately apparently it has been.

I know this has gotta turn around because I want to be comfortable for summer and not unhappy and overweight!

I think I might start tracking everything for my next day and then check it off, instead of allowing myself variables and getting in atleast 30mins of excercise per day.


  1. Hey there,

    I just want to say that I do understand what you are going through. I'm an emotional eater, and I put on all of my weight during my parents divorce (over the last 3 years). I've only recently got to the point where I could even muster up the motivation to attempt to lose weight. Now that I am it's still a bit of a rock road, which has seen a few gains, but instead of focusing on those I try and look at the losses I've had, which have been much more when I look at the grand scheme of things. I know I can do it, and I know that you can too! Anyone can do it if they put there mind to it, and just keep trying. You will find your way back to being on track. Ask yourself why you want to lose weight? Why was it so important to you that your decided to start? I try and do that when I'm going through a bad patch with my eating.

    Please don't give up! Good luck :)

  2. Hi!

    Everybody goes through some bad phase in life. That should not stop one from achieving the desired goal. Try to indulge in some vigorous sporting activities like tennis, basketball, etc. Weight loss can also be achieved through many diet programs and exercises.