Monday, April 13, 2009


So Easter weekend wasn't as good as it should have been, I went to visit my bf and we ate out a lot. Last night I got home and once again I had to deal with everything at my house, the events of the weekend etc.. My aunt confronted me about being upset and saying that I haven't been eating that great which was true.

I have been having a really bad couple of weeks, at home, at work and it's just been overall crappy. I also miss my mother dearly who I'm coming up to the 9 year anniversary of her passing away :(

BUT after another bad night last night, I decided that I am done wallowing and I'm going to go for what I want to be more fit and have more energy! I love working out and going to classes and I love eating well. I actually don't even like most junk foods anymore, it's more psychological because I think that by eating it, it will help me emotionally, which is a severely skewed vision.

I'm back on track today, back to kicking ass at the gym and kickboxing tonight!!

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