Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sunny days!

So yesterday I got back on the excercise wagon. I had a personal training sesh that nearly killed me... I had a good chat with her though about everything that's been going on and how to cope. She said that because I am an emotional eater that I should combat this with excercise to even it out, which is true. She said that I have to start taking time for ME and get out of the toxic household that I'm in! SO I think I might going to night classes at the gym, even though I prefer going before work, just to get out of the house at night. Yes, my house is that lame that I would rather be at the gym than home haha.

I start a weight loss group tonight, I'm kinda nervy about going. Not sure what to expect, but I think it would be good for me. Plus I get weighed in weekly, which is something I need. I think it will be good because it focuses on emotional eating and dealing with it, which is something I need!

My bf is coming down tomorrow, which I'm looking forward to. I will be so happy when he moves back, long distance is balls.

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