Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fit Day and working out!

Today after my calorie journal got ruined in my lunch bag, my soup leaked grrrrr. I remembered the website I used when I started my weight loss journey (first round of losing) way back when!, it has a lot of info for cal balance etc.. I found it really helpful back then and I'm finding it really helpful today. I got right into it and took my measurements and everything today.

I am super focused this week... my work out sched looked a little something like this...

Mon 5am - BL bootcamp - 20mins, bike 20 mins, yoga 20min, zumba 1 hr after work
Tues - Bike 30 mins, yoga 25 mins, tues night bike 30mins
Wed - BL bootcamp - 20 mins, bike 20mins, yoga 20mins, dance class 1hr after work
Thurs - Bike 45 mins, DDR 10mins, walk at lunch

I'm super proud of this accomplishment, I am feeling strong and focused and am happy I have a weight loss goal (239lbs by xmas) and I want to think of a fitness goal and then after xmas reset my goal, I would like to be under 200 for my bday in march..


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