Wednesday, May 27, 2009

~Rainy days~

So today started off bad. I woke up feeling like absolute crap again and there was absolutly no way I could go to training, so I didn't go, felt bad about that, but went back to bed to take care of myself. Woke up to go to work still not feeling that well ,but couldn't call in 2 days in a row...

So I have to walk about 10 mins or so from my car and it starts POURING down rain, I'm still a little damp even though I had an umbrella, some clown shoes tried to drown me in a puddle. But anyways, I'm here at work, have one of those glorious stick on heating pads on my back and feeling a bit better.

I have a new fave snack, apple and cheese, it's such a glorious combo platter and fills me up, just thought I would share.

Now today with me feeling down and a bit sorry for myself I am using beck not to use this as an oppurtunity to binge to make myself "feel better". Today's quote "Emotions are not an emergency. I don't have to EAT! I can tolerate this feeling, eating won't SOLVE this problem, it will only make things worse because then I will have 2 problems, my original problem and gaining weight/guilt."

I am going to try and start taking pictures of my foods to post and of my hikes etc.. but I keep forgetting my cam, I would like to have a nice phone that I could just use interchangably, but that's something I want to get on the go, but for now, here is my food for today...

B - Toast with butter, 4 graham crackers
S - Vita muffin, apple with cheese
L - bbq chicken wrap, watermelon
S - hummus, pita, carrots
D - Swiss chalet chicken, salad and corn

Excercise, get in atleast 20 min on treadmill after dinner date tonight.


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