Thursday, May 28, 2009


OMG, The binger has been back...

I am not proud to say that last night after feeling sick and knowing everything I know and starting beck and actually *realizing* my behaviours, I did what I did last night.

I was feeling sick , so my logic was, my stomachs already upset, might as well enjoy some processed foods (I have been feeling sick by processed crap latley, so I am going all 'eat clean on my ass'), but apparently not last night!

I am at the grocery store, wanted something 'cakey' got the lowest calorie donut thingys I could find and baked lays, ate both , almost all of both things....

Then today it was my going away party in my department. I'm moving to another within the company and we had mexican day, I had tacos, timbits and cake, and a coffee crisp.

Anyways, I'm tracking it and being accountable here and moving on... I don't know what my problem is the past couple days, I've been in one hell of a mood and just don't have the energy to do anything.

Back on track tomorrow!

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