Monday, May 25, 2009

Advantages of losing weight.

I started the beck diet solution last week. On a whim while at the library taking out recipe books I saw it, I remembered people saying it was pretty good, so I picked it up. I finished reading phase 1 in a couple days and it really is helping with my "self sabotaging" ways with my weight loss.

The book asks you to write down what the advantages of weight loss are for you, here are what mine are:

1) Overall feel better (mind, body, soul)
2) Fit into clothes (i.e fit into clothes that I have that are too tight and into cute clothes in regular sized shops that I cannot fit into right now)
3) Feel sexier, feel comfortable in my own skin and in little to no clothes (i.e bathing suit)
4) Not having medical problems ( I have none right now and want to keep it that way)
5) Having a more fullfilling life and stop using my weight as a hinderance (i.e I can't go rock climbing because of my weight etc..)
6) Overall just have more energy, confidence and feel better about myself.

You are supposed to read your advantages every day as well as other mantras provided in the book....

Today my "quote of the day" from Beck shall be "I'm choosing to say NO CHOICE (to eat anything not planned). If I want to lose weight I have to do what I NEED to do, not what I FEEL like doing".

Other than that, I had a GREAT weekend, I saw a bunch of my girlfriends, went to a movie on Friday, saw night at the mueseum 2 (pretty terrible, but had some laughs with my bestie) and Saturday went shopping in T.O. didn't get much though, felt like nothing would fit! Ces't la vie! Not for long, right? Sunday I went spinning (which felt amazing) and visited my dad and went grocery shopping and got so much good healthy stuff!

Pre-workout snack - banana (100)
Bootcamp workout (40min)
B - Oatmeal with chocolate chips and coconut (200)
S - Watermelon (70), fibre 1 (140)
L - WW wrap with chicken and lettuce (250), Mushroom gardennay soup (90)
20 minute walk on lunch
S - Apple(70), hummus (100),pita bread (90), carrots (30)
Hike with my dad


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