Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Biggest loser and leftovers

Today I had a half day of work, it went by superfast! I got done work and had to go to the ultrasound! The ultrasound was ... uncomfortable! It was better than the first one, but it still made me sore! I had planned on going out for lunch afterwards with my bf because I wasn't allowed to eat since the night before, but I was so sore and tired that we just came home! I ended up having a quite delightful lunch. We had left over turkey sandwiches and a little bit of the low fat apple crisp I had left over! The apple crisp that I made for thanksgiving actually turned out really good. The recipe was really simple too and no one knew it was low fat!

Mix sugar and cinnimon (enough to coat the apples) and then topping was just quick cook oats, cinnimon a bit of brown sugar and 1/4 cup of apple sauce. Spread over apples and cook for 55 mins on 350! So yummmmy! I should have taken pictures, I always forget! I will have to start making it a habit!

Tonight we had leftover turkey againnnn with fresh mashed potatoes and broccoli. I had some bbq popchips today as a snack!

In big fun workout news.... I got the biggest loser wii game! It seems to be really fun! I'm playing as Michelle on the pink team! You have weigh ins and eliminations and challenges! I did my first challenge today and it has all kinds of tips etc.. too! I haven't explored it fully yet, but so far , so good! I will keep you posted, I am on the 12 week program!

In other work out news I got my 5 miles done on the bike today, even though I was soo tired today! It's so nice having a bike in the living room! I lurrrvvveee it !

Night all! I'm off to finish watching the biggest loser! Does anyone else think Tracey is going home tonight if blue falls below the yellow line??? That lady has crazy eyes! xo

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