Friday, October 9, 2009

Getting caught up

So this week the theme was getting caught up... I was back to work after 3 weeks off and it was EXHAUSTING! I got back into the swing of things at work and got to socialize after 3 weeks of pretty much bf and I holed up in the apt together. Luckily I got to work half days as I am still really sore and exhausted! I seem to have every side effect that came along with this surgery! My back is on FIRE! Seriously, so uncomfortable! But in other news I've almost broke another "weight decade", which is exciting! I'm also almost at my 5%! Bf said how much he's noticed that I've lost weight, he said my ghetto booty is getting smaller and my face has really thinned out!

In other news I bought a (used) excercise bike today for $100.00 off kijiji and I love it! I came home and was on it while watching tv, I think it's going to be so great for me! I can wake up and just get to it! I will of course start working out / going to the gym more once I'm up to it, but for now a little bit here and there on the bike will be awesome!

Product reviews! I tried bbq popchips and lurrrvvvvveeeddd them! I also tried the shoppers organic rice cakes that were chocolate covered. I thought these would be a good low cal, low fat treat, but they were really bland! I couldn't even taste the chocolate! Oh well 1 out of 2 ain't bad! I am continuing on a hunt of low fat/cal snacks with natural/organic ingridients and will report back!

I bought laughing cow cheese today (yet to try it), looking forward to it though. I couldn't have cheese/milk products for a while, so I'm slowly trying to reintroduce it. I also bought the silhoutte zero plus strawberry/lychee and raspberry/dragon fruit yogurts! I will review both after consumed!

Have a happy thanksgiving weekend everyone! Enjoy your turkey and piesssss lol. j/k I'm making a low fat apple crumble ;)

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