Sunday, October 18, 2009

Movie Weekend

Well the weekend is almost over! I had a good weekend, I'm finally starting to feel better (thank god). The end of the week I thought was taking a bad turn. My back was on FIRE by Thursday and I went and had a massage appt. I specifically said that I wanted a light massage as I was already soooo sore.... flash forward to her like elbowing my lower back, tweaking something and making me have an even sorer (sp?) back on thursday/friday!

By Friday afternoon, I was feeling better. I went out for lunch at swiss chalet (which was great, I was at one where provided NI pamphlets with the menu), all of the chicken dishes there are really good cals/fat. We met up with friends to go see "Law Abiding Citizen", which I thought was really good... (I may be byist though because I think Gerard Butler is super hot and you get to see his tush lol). I had a small popcorn and brought a long an orange G2 to drink. Saturday I got my hair done, it's a lot shorter now, but I like it and did some shopping. I found an anniversary present for my bf (2 years on Nov 3rd!). Then Saturday night we went to dinner (and another movie). This time we saw "Love Happens" it was okay at best... and that's saying a lot because I usually like terrible girl movies! I got a small popcorn (and orange pop) and had a small cheese pizza at ESM and scraped a lot of the cheese off!

Today we went and saw my dad, stopped by a lovely market and got some home made bread/buns for sammies and cheese curds (bad I know, but so delish)...

I am sad to report I haven't been doing my biking because of my back, I tried yesterday and made it about 1 mile. I did go to the gym swimming though, which felt great, I might actually go this afternoon! Have a relaxing Sunday everybody! xo

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