Monday, January 25, 2010

X-Weighted challenge!

I made myself get up this morning to go to the gym. I'm glad that I did and feel great that the gym is over with! I went to a new class that I didn't know much about, it turned out to be a step class. I usually don't like step classes, I'm not "step coordinated" but this one was good, it was intense and we had weights and bands and I quite liked it! It kicked my butt too!

My plan this week is to do AT LEAST 3 days at the gym, I went to Zumba yesterday and "Innovative Interval today" , so the week has started off well!

Now I'm at work, eating a sandwich and trying to think of something for dinner that involves chicken.. any ideas?

On a bad note, I gained 1lb this week and I was super dissapointed, I've been tracking and working out, so what gives? I was really down about it, but now I realize that I can't allow the scale to own me and just keep trying my best...

The x-weighted challenge is telling me I'm not on track. It wants me to lose 2.8lbs/ week, I've lost 2.5 lbs per week (with my big loss last week), so now to get back on track, I need to lose over 3lbs this week! Heres to a big loss again!

I kinda feel like the x-weighted challenge doesn't reflect the x-weighted show weights, paul usually says 2lb/week not 3, I think almost 70lbs in 6 months is quite excessive, but I'm hoping I can pull it out of my hat!

How are you guys feeling about the weight you have to lose on the challenge?


  1. Just remember it's only 1 pound and it's not the end of the world. Maybe you gained that pound because your body wanted to let you know that you are human, and every week cannot be perfect. Or you could be getting into "that time of the month" usually that's when my butt would get kicked with weight gain and make me flip out. You really can't let the scale own you! Trust me I know. I developed an eating disorder in college because I simply let the scale own me and control my life it was absolutely terrible. Don't look at it as a gain... look at it as a challenge for this week. Good luck with getting a big loss again. Don't let x-weighted challenge control you either. In a perfect world maybe you`d be able to lose that much in a week but it's not a perfect world. Losing weight healthy is a process so I wouldn't worry about if you are on or off track I think if you look at it like that you will have gains. 70 lbs in 6 months is absolutely insane! In college my roommate paid a personal trainer and in 3 months lost 40 lbs... this lead to gaining the 40 lbs back when she wasn`t working out as much plus when we graduated she had gained another 30. Just listen to your body, and try not to over do things. I refuse to do challenges any more. I think they don't work for me, and if I am not where I should be I just go one a cookie or cupcake binge. Good luck to you though! Sorry for the long comment. :/

  2. Thanks! I appreciate it! I know it is a crazy goal! I need to re-evaluate my plan/state of mind!