Sunday, January 10, 2010


I have signed up for the x-weighted challenge. It seems like a popular thing to do in blog land. I lovvve x-weighted (not feeling this season though). I want to win the weekend with Paul and have him kick my butt!! I went down to T.O on Saturday to do my wi, measurements and fit test. The fit test was soooo hard, I thought it was going to be a lot easier than it was, lay down/stand ups are hard when you're so overweight. So I have to lose 69lbs in 6months to qualify to be entered! AH! Thats
3lbs a week, which is quite a lofty goal! Luckily my boy joined up too and we're going to support each other! We did a huge healthy grocery shop today and had a delicous healthy dinner of chicken, roasted potatoes and spinach salad! I need to start taking pictures of my food for my blog!

My x-weighted goal is to run a 5k , I want to do mini fitness goals along the way, some things I'm interested in are indoor rock climbing and kick boxing/karate!

My January goal is to just get my schedule with the gym in check and food in check to prepare myself for a crazy journey of losing 69lbs in 6months (eeeeeek). It's not impossible righhhhhttttt?

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